Near-infrared sensitive photodiode

MagPure chip: a microfluidic device for the purification of circulating tumor cells

Photonic crystal nanopattering of hybrid perovskite materials for photovoltaic solar cells and Light Emitting Diodes

Quantum fluid of light on a microchip

Topological singularity of light-matter hybrid particles in a perovskite metasurface

Tilting of ferroelectric domains by mechanical stress

Gold-free synthesis of hexagonal germanium

A CNRS crystal medal for Oneiros system

Stand, Walk, Fall… Automatic detection of the fall of the elderly subject in daily activities

Tuning thermoelectricity by epitaxial strain in (La,Sr)CrO3

Enhancing the performance of solar cells through radiative sky cooling

Interview with David ALBERTINI for Zurich Instruments

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