The electronic department of INL is composed by the Electronic Devices Team and the Heterogeneous  Systems Design Team.


The main objective of the electronics department is to develop technologies, devices and systems for specific applications. New technologies are explored using top-down and bottom-up approaches for the demonstration of advanced nanoelectronic devices and circuits. New design methodologies and tools are also developed in the frame of our activities. Thanks to the collaborations of the device and design teams of the electronics department with other groups at INL in the Materials, Photonics and Biotech departments, we have focused our research activities on heterogeneous circuits for biotechnologies and electronic systems for health.

Key figures

25 professors and associate professors and about 30 PhD students are involved in the three research teams of the electronics department. Within the institute, the device and technologies team of the electronics Department have strong collaborations with the materials department. The TCAD activities are developed in interaction with the Biotechnologies & Health department and with the Photonics department.

Micro- and Nanotechnology; Silicon; Micro- and Nanosystems; Nanodevices; Quantum simulation; Nanocharacterisation; Nanoelectronic circuits; Heterogeneous design methods; Multi-domain behavioural modelling; Analog, mixed-signal and RF design; Wireless sensor networks

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