Research areas

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Guided wave photonics for embedded systems

The continuous growth of complexity of the information systems makes inevitable the technological development plans for which various materials and devices are integrated in a compact way. It allows to generate and to interconnect a wide variety of functionalities while reducing the cost of the manufacturing process.

Functional materials

INL develops standard semiconductor materials (III-V, silicon) and original (nano)materials (functional oxides, III-V nanowires, hybrid III-V/oxide nanowires, porous silicon), for applications in the domains of electronics, photonics and energy harvesting.

The research area relies on two research groups: “Heteroepitaxy and Nanostructures“, “Spectroscopy and Nanomaterials“.

Photonics and Photovoltaics

This research field axis mainly brings together researchers from Light Engineering and Conversion team (i-Lum).

Biotechnology and Healthcare

Micro/nanotechnologies are implemented to develop new solutions to the challenges that exist in the areas of biology, healthcare and the environment.