Devices for Health and Environment

Head of the group:

claudine GEHIN

The “Devices for Health and Environment” group focuses on the design and fabrication of microsystems and sensors for healthcare and environmental monitoring. These devices are dedicated to the collection of chemical, biochemical or physical data in order to perform analyses at molecular, cellular or physiological levels. To carry out this research, we develop expertise in:

  • instrumentation, sensors, microfluidics, electronics, interfacing, unconventional microfabrication,
  • physicochemistry of solid/liquid interfaces, bioengineering of interfaces, characterization of interfaces,
  • synthesis of nanoparticles, composites, porous materials,
  • biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, microfluidics,
  • modeling, signal processing, data processing.


Our project “towards demonstrators for health and environment” is structured in 2 main axes: one focused on the interfaces, the other on the realization of innovative demonstrators closely linked with end users. It relies on the development and characterization facilities of the Nanolyon platform and in particular on its Bioengineering and Health division with the development of a P2 laboratory, a “Patient Lab” and a “Living Lab”. The project also benefits from access to various means of calculation (Newton …).


INL Oneiros device on cover of Science

Development of a portable bioimpedance device

A CNRS crystal medal for Oneiros system

Stand, Walk, Fall… Automatic detection of the fall of the elderly subject in daily activities

BruXense : Connected device for the diagnosis of bruxism

Piwio : A new INL spin-out

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