How to work with Nanolyon?

Nanolyon gives you access to a wide and efficient range of equipment. You will benefit from Nanolyon's technical support and scientific expertise to carry out your projects successfully.

There are four modes of interaction with Nanolyon:

  • HABILITED USER MODE: Users are trained and habilitated to work in the Nanolyon facility by their own (This mode of interaction is possible for Researchers, Engineers, Technicians, Students,…).
  • SERVICE MODE: The processes are implemented by the Nanolyon Staff according to the program defined with the project leader.
  • COLLABORATIVE MODE: Developments and research work are implemented in the frame of a joint collaborative research project with INL and benefit from the scientific expertise of INL.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION MODE: INL expertise and Nanolyon ressources are mobilized for the on-going training course as defined with the program leader.



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