INL Oneiros device on cover of Science

The Oneiros device, designed by INL, was used during a large study of chinstrap penguins sleep in Antartic, thus revealing the atypic behaviour of this species, accumulating 11 hours of sleep per day thanks to thousands of microsleeps. Results of this study were published in Science volume 382, issue 6674.

The development of Oneiros system started in 2013 in DES team at INL, in collaboration with CRNL. This device is a complete miniature laboratory for the analysis of sleep in freely moving animals.

It acquires several electrocphysiology channels (EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG), external and internal temperature as well as physical activity and movements (thanks to 2 inertial measurement units).

This deveice has enabled new studies about sleep of different anaimal species in their natural environment.

P.-A. libourel and W.Y. Lee have carried out a study thanks to this system on chinstrap penguins in the Antartic.

They not only confirmed that these animals have sleep offshore, but also they are capable on coast to get short naps (few seconds) hundred of times per hour.




Contact: Bertrand Massot, Equipe DSE


Collaborations: CRNL, KOPRI



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