Two new INL patents on photonic sensors for diagnostics

Two patents are pending following the development of a photonic sensor chip for low-cost diagnostics based on lens-less imaging. This work has been performed in the framework of the ANR project CLIPO led by C. Jamois (INL), in partneship with CEA-Leti and the SME Avalun.

We have developed a photonic sensor chip that is specifically targeting applications for diagnostics at the patient’s side (“point-of-care”). This rapidly-growing application domain aims at offering new solutions to answer the increasing need for fast biomedical analysis outside of dedicated laboratories or hospitals (emergency medicine, medical care at home or in developing countries, etc). There are several requirements on such diagnostics tools: compact and portable reading devices, low-cost and single-use sensor chips that are compatible with mass production, ease of use, relaxed constraints on the alignment of the chips with respect to the reading system. In order to fulfill these requirements, we have developed a sensor chip that is exploiting the properties of silicon-based photonic crystals. The chip is compatible with an extended illumination of a whole sensor array with a LED source, and a direct lens-less reading on a CMOS camera. It is entirely fabricated using processes from the silicon microelectronics industry. The experimental validation has demonstrated sensitivity at the state of the art of photonic crystal sensors, with a high reproducibility and a high robustness of the optical sensor response with respect to technological fluctuations.


Cécile Jamois,, Taha Benyattou, Lotfi Berguiga

Publications and collaborations

  • Projet ANR PRCE « Clipo » (ANR-15-CE24-0019-01) en partenariat avec le CEA-Leti et Avalun.
  • C. Jamois, T. Benyattou, L. Berguiga, N. Gaignebet, M. Dupoy, M. Fournier, J.-M. Fedeli et P. Pouteau, « Procédé et dispositif d’analyse d’un échantillon, mettant en œuvre un support résonant », brevet FR1906132.
  • C. Jamois, T. Benyattou, L. Berguiga, N. Gaignebet, T. Gehin, M. Dupoy et M. Fournier « Procédé et dispositif d’analyse d’un échantillon, mettant en œuvre un support résonant, illuminé par un rayonnement infra-rouge », brevet FR1906134.


General principle of the chip containing an array of photonic crystals sensors, which has been designed for lens-less biomolecular sensinglentille, constituée d'un réseau de capteurs à cristaux photoniques
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