Technological areas dedicated to the specific development of silicon cells, thin film cells and 3rd generation cells.

Technological processing equipment

  • RF PECVD reactor (13.56 MHz), for thin films deposition: dielectrics SiNx, SiOx, SiONx, and semiconductors Silicon and Germanium, amorphous or micro-crystalline
  • Vapour phase silicon epitaxy reactor (VPE)
  • Spin-on phosphorous and bore
  • Nanoseconde UV LASER for thin layers ablation
  • Porous silicon (2’’ and 4’’)
  • Electroless and electrolitic metal deposition setup (Ni, Cu, Ag)

Characterisation equipment

  • Solar simulator for current/voltage characteristics of PV cells (up to 156×156 mm²)
  • I(V) characterisation bench for PV cells under controlled thermal environment (up to 4 cm²)
  • Lifetime measurement by Photoconductance decay (Sinton WCT-120-PL) and lifetime mapping (Semilab WT-2000)
  • Spectral response and cell reflectivity measurement bench.
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