The Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform

The Micro/Nano Fabrication Platform consists in about 600 square meter of cleanrooms, (ranging from ISO class 8 to 5) dedicated to providing state-of-the-art micro- and nano-fabrication capabilities.

The Micro/Nano Fabrication platform offers facilities, device processing, and characterization equipment to researchers from academia and the private sector. It provides an access to a wide range of advanced techniques for thin-films deposition, thin-films etching, surface patterning, micromachining and back-end processes. It is a multidisciplinary platform active in various research and technological fields, including Si, SiC, III-V and polymers material, lab-on-chip devices, sensors, bio-technologies, nanoelectronics, photonics devices,  … Its state-of-the-art equipment park worth more than 10M€.

Processing capabilities

  • CVD thin-films deposition (ALD for oxyde and metal layers thinner than 20nm, Parylene Deposition System)
  • Thin-films deposition by Sputtering (DC, pulsed DC, RF and confocal sputtering) or by Evaporation (Joule effect, electron beam)
  • Plasma based dry etching (RIE, ICP, Plasma cleaner) and electro-chemical wet etching
  • UV Lithography (single and double sides mask aligners, 4 inches), Maskless laser lithography (5 inches – 600 nm resolution),  Nanoimprint (4 inches – 300 nm resolution), Holographic lithography @266 ou 406 nm (5 cm² – 133 nm resolution) et Ebeam lithography (MEB FEI 30 kV- RAITH Elphy plus, 20 nm resolution)
  • 6  inches Dicer

Characterization capabilities

  • Optical and scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM)
  • Ellipsometer, contact profilometer
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