Epitaxy Pole

Semiconductor and oxide Heterostructures                                          III-V nanostructures

Since 2012, the “Epitaxy Pole” of the Nanolyon platform benefits from a unique equipment consisting of 3 molecular beam epitaxy reactors (III-V, oxide), a PECVD / ALD reactor and an XPS analyzer connected under ultra-high vacuum. It plans for the future to continue its development by adding a sputtering deposit reactor (off axis / confocal) for the study of oxides and their integration on silicon and the implementation of a new heating manipulator on the XPS analyzer in addition to experiments carried out on large Synchrotron instruments. It will be able to continue to value the developments made by the “Functional materials and Nanostructures”  team by enriching its offer of III-V heterostructures and nanostructures for the design and production of photonic or photovoltaic components but also to develop its offer of crystalline oxide templates on silicon (SrTiO3/Si(001), Gd2O3/Si(111), Al2O3/Si(111),…) ou GaAs (SrTiO3/GaAs(001)) for the integration of functional oxides.


Contact : P. Regreny


Contributors : R. Bachelet, G. St Girons, P. Regreny

PhD student :

  1. F. Chancerel (2015-2018): « Microtechnologies (EPI Lift-Off) dédiées aux systèmes photovoltaïques à haute concentration (HCPV) de haute performance dans la filière InP. »
  2. Martina Zanetti (2020-2023) : « Microtechnologies génériques de décollement / report et recyclage du substrat pour fabriquer des dispositifs optoélectroniques : application aux imageurs infrarouges »

Research projets (5 last years):

– ANR 2015-2018 : PICSEL

– ERC C. Monat 2015-2018 : GRAPHICS

– ANR 2016-2020 DIAMWAFEL

– ANR 2016-2020 LILIT

– ANR 2018-2021 : PHOLDING

Collaborations :

CEA-Leti, C2N Palaiseau, IEMN-ISEN Lille, UMI-LN2 and Sherbrooke University (Canada), Keio Yokohama University (Japon), Ghent University (Belgique), IMEC (Belgique).

Internal INL collaborations with the ILUM team.

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