Emerging technology

The thematic « emerging technology » is at the crossroad of nanotechnology, surface chemistry and biochemistry. Chemistry is a key issue for the development of new type of biosensors as well as the development of green nanotechnology.


A biosensor is composed of a biorecognition layer that give the specificity and a transducer that transforms the recognition events occurring into a measurable signal. In order to achieve high performance sensing devices a with real time detection, biosensors tend to be more and more complex with the integration of multiple functions (new transducer, microfluidic, nanoparticules..). In consequence, futur biosensors will be multi-material and multi-scale. This complexity imposes to monitor the selective surface chemical functionalization of the co-existing materials. This selective chemistry is exploited on developing nanophotonique (in collaboration with the nanophotonic group, ANR Bip-Bip project), plasmonic (ANR Piranex project) or piezoelectric (in collaboration with the heteroepitaxy and nanostructure group) based transducers.


We are also exploring in collaboration with platform Nanolyon the potential use of green photoresist in order to develop green nanotechnology process.

Contact : Yann Chevolot

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