Development of a portable bioimpedance device

The “Devices for Health and Environment” group at INL has designed and built a portable and wireless bioimpedance analyzer. This device offers new research pathes in the field of electrical caracterization of living tissue.

Combining its expertise in bioimpedance analysis and in the design of wearable devices for Health monitoring, we designed and developed this bioimpedance measurement system to compensate for the lack of such instruments commercially available. Its accuracy matches that of reference scientific instruments (MFIA from Zurich Instruments of ISX-3 from Sciospec).

Thanks to its small size, large autonomy and versatile Bluetooth / USB / micr-SD connectivity, this new instrument enables to run in-situ impedance spectroscopy on individuals to perform electrical caracterization of tissue. It will be possible to achieve continuous analysis in ambulatory conditions of indicators such as tissue composition, hydration, etc.

The hardware and software function relying at the heart of this application is being transfered to the company Piwio, which will ensure the development through licensing and marketing of devices for academics and industrials through the brand Contextual Instruments.


Contact : Bertrand Massot, Claudine Gehin, Amalric Montalibet


Collaborations : Piwio, Contextual Instruments

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