Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology


Mostly interdisciplinary, our research activity focuses on coupling micro/nanotechnology and molecular biology for life sciences.It comprises the development of chemical processes for surface functionnalization, the design and the implementation of various protocols.Our goal is to create a toolbox gathering all the technological know-how and processes allowing both fundamental studies (biomolecule/surface or biomolecule/biomolecule interactions) and the fabrication of integrated devices (biochip) dedicated to specific applications such as medical diagnostics for example. On the other hand, we work on building functional blocks with specific properties on the nano/micrometer scale from various components (DNA, proteins, magnetic beads, nanocrystals); Their assemblies and integration should enable the development of new complex systems by the so-called “bottom up” approach. In collaboration with other research teams, these systems are being integrated in microfluidic devices, photonic actuators, chemical and/or biological nano-reactors to enhance the transportation, capture, sorting and detection of molecules.

Team leaders: Yann CHEVOLOT
Keywords: surface chemistry, biomolecular interactions, sensors, biochips, DNA, proteomics, glycoarrays, diagnosis, cancer, nanoparticles, near field, detection, fluorescence.

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