Acquisition of a nanoimprint lithography equipment in step and repeat mode in the framework of the ERDF project CARAT 2020

A fourth piece of equipment was acquired, a nanoimprint frame for use in research and development of large surface nanostructuring.

In December 2020, INL-CNRS acquired a step-and-repeat nanoimprint lithography frame SET NPS300 – Nano-Patterning Stepper. Its installation is planned in the new INL building under construction on the Site de la Doua.


The lithography system will have 2 printing heads (UV NIL@365 nm and Thermal-RT to 450°C) and will allow the replication of structured patterns (on areas from 2 to 40 mm²) on a pad either made of transparent material (PDMS or glass or other plastic) or opaque material (silicon, metal or other) to a substrate (from cm² to 200 mm diameter plate) coated with either a UV sensitive material or a thermo sensitive material. The equipment allows to replicate the same patterns from the same mold several times step by step (“Step and Repeat” mode). Replication of the smallest patterns will be possible for dimensions smaller than 20nm and field connections between each print as small as possible not exceeding 20µm in both X and Y mps directions.


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