Solar Energy Conversion: GaAs Nanowire Photocathodes for Hydrogen Generation

Developing advanced photocathode materials is crucial to offer efficient solar-driven hydrogen generation. Our findings highlight the superior efficiency of GaAs nanowires in contrast to conventional thin film approach.

We investigate the efficiency and durability of GaAs nanowire-based photoelectrodes, taking advantages from their unique properties to improve light absorption and charge collection. By employing protective TiO2 shells and optimizing nanowire geometry, our study demonstrates their resilience and performance under simulated sunlight. Notably, the incorporation of Co nanoparticles as a hydrogen evolution catalyst demonstrates competitive results, marking a significant step towards efficient, cost-effective hydrogen production. Our findings emphasize the promise of nanostructured GaAs semiconductors for a reliable approach to solar-driven hydrogen generation.


Contact: José Penuelas


Enhanced Light Trapping in GaAs/TiO2‑Based Photocathodes for Hydrogen Production
Thomas Dursap, Mariam Fadel, Philippe Regreny, Cristina Tapia Garcia, Céline Chevalier, Hai Son Nguyen, Emmanuel Drouard, Solène Brottet, Michel Gendry, Alexandru Danescu, Matthieu Koepf, Vincent Artero, Matthieu Bugnet, and José Penuelas
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


Matthieu Bugnet – MATEIS
Vincent Artero – LCBM

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