Multi-material 3D microprinting of magnetically deformable biocompatible structures

3D printing with two-photon polymerization is applied to fabricate multi-material structures at the microscopic scale.

Our goal was to do cell culture on deformable structures. Two-photon polymerization is the only 3D printing method that allows the creation of complex 3D structures a size of a few microns, which is the scale of cells, with a resolution smaller than 1 µm. Thank to a collaboration between the INL, the Néel Institute, the G2ELab and the LIPhy, we developed a suitable manufacturing protocol that allows the fabrication of multi-material structures, printed with two-photon polymerization. Indeed, we observed that with the assembly of different materials, it is not possible to simply combine the protocols commonly used for separately printed materials. We thus achieved the fabrication of hybrid microstructures that are magnetically activated and deformed like micro-actuators.

Contact : Caterina Tomba

Reference: Multi-Material 3D Microprinting of Magnetically Deformable Biocompatible Structures
Roxane Pétrot, Thibaut Devillers, Olivier Stéphan, Orphée Cugat, Caterina Tomba
Advanced Functional Materials (2023): 2304445.
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Image MEB (Microscope Electronique à Balayage) d'une bille magnétique attachée au squelette en OrmoComp, un matériau commercial ressemblant à du verre.
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