Looking into a micro-LED using electron holography

Looking directly into a micro-LED, while it's working! A tall order? For the first time, thanks to the essential contribution of electron holography in a transmission electron microscope, researchers at CEA LETI and INL have been able to do just that.

Like their macroscopic counterparts, micro-LEDs are devices capable of emitting visible light from an electric current. These devices are currently being developed for future generations of augmented or virtual reality headsets. To fully understand the effects of miniaturization on their properties, a team of researchers from CEA LETI and INL were able to image and map the internal electric field of a micro-LED in operation, as it emits light. It’s a bit like looking inside a brain while it’s working. This tour de force was made possible by the essential use of electron holography in a transmission electron microscope.


Contact : Bruno Masenelli


Collaboration CEA LETI-INL, in the framework of Younes Boussadi’s thesis
Mapping of the Electrostatic Potentials in a Fully Processed Led Device with nm-Scale Resolution by In Situ off-Axis Electron Holography
David Cooper, Christophe Licitra, Younes Boussadi, Badhise Ben-Bakir, and Bruno Masenelli
Small method, DOI: 10.1002/smtd.202300537

Micro-LED en opération (gauche) et schéma de principe de l'holographie TEM (droite)
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