Laser dew detection using the Heiligenschein effect

Early detection of favorable conditions for the onset of agricultural diseases is made possible by the enhanced backscattering (Heiligenschein effect) of a scanning laser beam.

Pesticide-free agricultural strategies require new tools for disease prevention. Better than early detection of diseases, detection of the conditions favorable to their appearance can be a step forward. In the case of fungal diseases, the presence of water on the plant surface is necessary.In order to remotely detect this presence at an early stage and on the scale of a crop field, INL and start-up Greenshield have demonstrated the viability of a low-cost solution based on the enhanced reflection (Heiligenschein effect) of a scanning laser.

Contact: Bruno Masenelli

Référence : Laser-based remote detection of leaf wetness
R. Gaetani, F. Feugier, B. Masenelli
J. Appl. Phys. 134, 114901 (2023)
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schéma de principe du détecteur laser à effet Heiligenschein
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