Characterization and modelling of heterogeneous systems

The H&N team combines highly heterogeneous materials (IV-IV or III-V semiconductors, functional oxides, metals, etc.) exhibiting various morphologies (thin layers, membranes, nanowires, islands) to build heterostructures with sharp chemical, crystallographic and/or mechanical discontinuities at interfaces. However, due to the nano-scale dimension of the objects, the interface phenomena as inter-diffusion, segregation, oxidation-reduction reactions, stress relaxation, and so on, play an increasingly central role in the growth processes. Thus, they affect the wanted properties of heterostructures, because of, for example, domain walls, depolarizing fields and/or stress relaxation.  One of the main goals of the axis “Characterization and modelling of heterogeneous systems” is to study these interfaces using techniques such as photoemission spectroscopy and / or diffraction (XPS-XPD), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Another objective is to develop modelling tools to better understand and control the physico-chemical and mechanical phenomena involved in device engineering for photonics, nano-electronics, and energy harvesting. This axis also contributes (via Nanolyon) to the characterization and modelling of objects made by other INL teams (Nanophotonics, Chemistry and Nano-biology, Photovoltaics, Electronic Devices, etc.).


Responsibles : A. Danescu and G. Grenet


Contributors: R. Bachelet, C. Botella, A. Danescu, J. Penuelas, P. Regreny, Y. Robach, G. Saint-Girons, B. Vilquin


Ph.D students:

P. Riterrucci, « Coupling of electron spectroscopies for high resolution elemental depth profiles in complex architectures of functional materials”, 3 Janvier 2012 – 23 Avril 2015.

C. Zborowski, “Characterization of deeply buried interfaces by Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy”, 1 Septembre 2014 – 27 Juin 2018.

L. Fouquat, “Étude par photoémission d’interfaces métal/oxyde et métal/semiconducteur élaborées par épitaxie par jets moléculaires », 1 Septembre 2015 -14 Décembre 2018.

R. Briche, “Micro-tubes photoniques : simulation, fabrication et caractérisation”, Mars 2018 – en cours.


Research projects :

– ANR JCJC 2012-2015 : COSCOF

– Défi Image’IN 2015-2016

Collaborations : UMI-LN2 Sherbrooke (Canada), C2N Palaiseau, CEA/LETI Grenoble, Synchrotrons SOLEIL and ESRF, IEMN Lille, Institut Camille Jordan Lyon, ILM Lyon, IMEP-LAHC Grenoble, MATEIS Villeurbanne,  Syddansk Universitet (Danemark).

Internal INL collaborations with teams Chemistry and Nanobiotechnology, Nanophotonics, Photovoltaics, Electronic Devices.

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