Name Institution Title
Eleni AGIASOFITOU Darmstadt University of Technology, Gremany Eshelbian dislocation mechanics: J-, M- , and L-integrals
Pilar ARIZA Universidad de Sevilla, Spain Modeling and characterization of long-term hydrogen interactions with defects in palladium nanoparticles
Gabrielle BARBAGALLO INSA - Lyon, France Fibrous composite reinforcements as second gradient materials
Davide BIGONI University of Tranto, Italy Configurational forces in elastic structures
Philippe BOISSE INSA - Lyon, France Modelling defects during composite reinforcements and prepreg forming
Claude BOUTIN ENTPE Lyon, France Non-conventional dynamic behaviour of highly contrasted structured plates
Domenico CAPUANI University of Ferrara, Italy Scattering of elastic waves by a shear band
Manuel COLLET Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Micromorphic model for modeling adaptive piezocomposite gradient materials
Marco Valerio D'AGOSTINO INSA - Lyon, France Transparent relaxed micromorphic description of anisotropy in metamaterials
Salvatore DI STEFANO Politecnico di Torino, Italy The Principle of G-Covariance in modelling biological tissues
Bernhard EIDEL University of Siegen, Germany Ultralight Structural Metamaterials: Finite Element Analysis and Mechanical Optimization
Hannes ERDLE Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany A Gradient Crystal Plasticity Model that Accounts for Size Effects by a Discontinuous Accumulated Plastic Slip
Victor EREMEYEV Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland On weak solutions for linear pantographic beam lattices
Franz Dieter FISCHER Montanuniversität Leoben Institute of Mechanics, Austria Understanding enhanced fracture toughness of twisted plywood structures by configurational forces
Steve FITZGERALD University of Leeds, Great Britain Kink pair production and dislocation motion
Francesco FROIIO Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France An ortho-fiber theory for second gradient materials
Ionel-Dumitrel GHIBA University AI Cuza Iasi, Romania A non-rank-one convexity result involving geodesically motivated logarithmic strain measures
Ioan IONESCU University Paris 13, France Discontinuous Galerkin method in modeling wave propagation in materials with micro-cracks
Natalia KHODER Laboratoire 3SR Grenoble, France Enhancement of multifiber beam elements in the case of reinforced concrete structures for taking into account the lateral confinement of concrete due to stirrups
Reinhold KIENZLER University of Bremen, Germany Assessment of Crack Arrays An Engineering Approach
Varvara KOUZNETSOVA Eindhoven University of Technology, HOLLAND Enriched continuum emerging from the homogenization of materials with micro-inertia effects
Markus LAZAR Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany Non-singular dislocation continuum theories: Strain gradient elasticity versus Peierls- Nabarro model
Loic LE MARREC Universite de Rennes 1, France Propagation and scattering in a Riemann-Cartan material manifold
Evgeny LOMAKIN Perm National Research Polytechnic University and Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia Strength analysis of composite materials based on damage parameters
Bruno LOMBARD Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique Marseille, France Modeling of nonlinear waves in solids with slow dynamics
Angela MADEO INSA - Lyon, France Dispersion and band-gaps in micromorphic media and metamaterials
Ahmed MAKRADI Luxembourg Insitute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg Design of anisotropic heterogeneous materials with desired physical properties using statistical continuum theory
Paolo Maria MARIANO University of Florence, Italy Is there any counterpart of Noether’s theorem in dissipative setting?
Xanthippi MARKENSCOFF University of California San Diego, USA The Waves of Phase Change
Andro MIKELIC University Claude Bernard Lyon, France Phase-field modeling of a fluid-driven fracture in a poroelastic medium
Gergely MOLNAR University of Grenoble Alps, France Multi-scale analysis of the impact resistance of microstructured solids - a new project proposal
Oleg NAIMARK Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia Nonlinear defects kinetics and structured wave propagation in second-gradient materials (experimental and theoretical study
Patrizio NEFF Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany A canonical rate- independent model of geometrically linear isotropic gradient plasticity with isotropic hardening and plastic spin accounting for Burgers vector
Eugene Y. PAK Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Korea Configurational Forces on Various Elastic Singularities
Lalaonirina RAKOTOMANANA University Rennes 1, France Contribution to continuum physics within gradient continuum: Interaction of electromagnetism with mechanics
Pierre SEPPECHER IMATH, Université de Toulon and LMA, CNRS, France Rigorous homogenization results leading to generalized continua
Roberto SERPIERI Università del Sannio, Italy A rational derivation of Biot’s and Terzaghi’s paradigms from a constraint-free variational continuum two-phase poroelasticity theory adopting minimal kinematic descriptors
Ashwin SRIDHAR Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland A homogenization framework based on Floquet-Bloch transform towards a generalized micromorphic continuum
Claude STOLZ Institut GeM and IMSIA, Nantes, France On some approaches of graded damage modelling
Stanislaw STUPKIEWICZ Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT), Poland Minimal gradient-enhancement of crystal plasticity: computational aspects and size effects
Anne TANGUY INSA - Lyon, France Wave propagation in amorphous materials with inclusions