Offres de thèse Marie-Curie CoFund ECLAUSion

Pour la 2ème année consécutive, le Marie-Curie Cofund ECLAUSion offre 5 contrats doctoraux cotutelle entre la France et l’Australie parmi 10 sujets de thèse couvrant différents domaines des nanotechnologies et leurs applications.

1. Two-dimensional materials and their chemical manipulation for multidisciplinary electronics and optoelectronics
2. Neuromorphic computing in Lithium Niobate on Insulator platforms
3. Coupling of SiC color centers to nanophotonic structures
4. Phase Change Materials for Neuromorphic Applications
5. Hexagonal Silicon and Germanium nanowires for light emission
6. On-chip hybrid Multimode Mid-infrared supercontinuum source
7. Lithium Niobate Photonic Circuit for All-Optical Signal Processing
8. Mid-IR High-Q cavities
9. Two-dimensional materials for neuromorphic photonics on SOI platform
10. Efficient nonlinear broadband light sources in photonic integrated circuits