Offres de stage M2

Hardware emulation of emerging technology on FPGA
This internship will participate to the creation of a hardware emulation platform based on FPGA. This platform will integrate a low power processor such as RISC-V but also modular emerging technologies structure. This internship principal objective is to emulate ferroelectric field effect transistor and small computing structure on the hardware emulation platform we are creating allowing the heterogeneous design team of the INL to integrate emerging technologies inside a processor. This Hardware emulation platform will be based on FPGA. The intern will also participate to the integration of the ferroelectric structure inside the low power processor and if needed to the implementation of the processor itself.

Contact :  Cédric MARCHAND


Nanostructured hybrid perovskite photovoltaic solar cell
First, the candidate will be trained on the protocol for the manufacture of unstructured perovskite cells, and on the structuring of thin layers of perovskites with different geometric parameters, using nanoprinting processes. The next step will be to combine the two processes, and measure the optical and electrical properties compared to unstructured cells. He/she will also contribute to optical simulations to determine an optimal geometry.
Contacts: Céline CHEVALIER –  04 72 43 87 55
Emmanuel DROUARD – 04 72 18 62 45