PhD Position 2021/2022 – Doctoral contract EEA

Light confinement in photonic moirés

The goals of the thesis are to experimentally demonstrate the fundamental phenomena predicted by theoretical studies on moiré formed by 1D photonic crystals. Hence, the aim is to open new ways to control light at the nanoscale including light dispersion engineering. The experimental expertise developed for the fabrication of complex nanophotonic components will open up a generic technology platform for original optoelectronic devices.
Keywords: Photonic crystals, Moiré, micro-resonators
Funding: doctoral contract (École Centrale de Lyon / ED EEA)
Start: January/february 2022

Contacts : Xavier Letartre (thesis director), Ségolène Callard (thesis co-director), Sébastien Cueff (thesis co-supervisor)

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