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  Scientific and Technological Impact

     The main scientific impacts of the project are:

  • the effect of size reduction on the solubility of Ga in ZnO nanostructures and on a more general scale for semiconductor nanoparticles, whether their synthesis is ruled by kinetics or thermodynamics. This is a fundamental knowledge of broad scope, going beyond the material addressed in this project. This will help knowing in which extent it is possible to overpass the bulk solubility limit in nanoparticles, whatever their application orientation (plasmonics, optics, magnetism…).

  • the maximum tenability range of the IR plasmon mode induced in GZO (Ga doped ZnO); either by chemical doping or electrical injection (dynamic mode). We target IR plasmons spanning from mid IR, adapted to chemical species detection and analysis , to near IR, adapted to telecom range.

  •      The main technological outputs are:

  • the demonstration of the enhancement of IR absorption from pollutant molecules.

  • the demonstration of the redox effect of pollutant species on the IR plasmon of GZO nanostructures

  • the fabrication of a pollutant gas sensor harvesting the two aforementioned effects

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