Faits Marquants

  • 10 ans de l'INL - On en parle

    L'INL a fêté ses 10 ans le 30 novembre 2017...

  • Towards new devices on Si with columnar BaTiO3-δ

    An innovative combination of physical and chemical deposition methods has allowed the fabrication of an original columnar oxide heterostructure on Si, and the contro...

  • Multiphotonic nanoprobes for cancer-cell-specific labeling

    Silicon Carbide (SiC) nanoparticles with non-linear optical (NLO) properties were functionalized with folic acid in order to specifically target cancer cells. These ...

  • Chitosan : an eco-friendly resist for nanotechnology

    For the first time, a complete process of high resolution electron beam lithography and transfer by etching could be achieved from a natural, eco-friendly, positive ...

Offres d'emplois

  • Poste de professeur Ecole Centrale de Lyon section 63

    L'Ecole Centrale de Lyon recrute un professeur section 63 (recherche à l'INL)

  • Offre de thèse

    Edge computing requires highly energy efficient microprocessor units with embedded non-volatile memories to process data at IoT sensor nodes. Ferroelectric non-volatile memory devices are fast,

  • Offre de stage M2



Mars 2018
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5 6 7 8[Séminaire Général INL ]
Energy efficient electronic functions with steep-slope devices: applications at
the edge of the cloud

Adrian IONESCU Professor and Director of the Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory at EPFL Switzerland

Site INSA Bâtiment Blaise Pascal Amphithéâtre Pierre Gilles-de-Gennes

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26 27 28 29[Point Scientifique INL]
Thermodynamics of heat and light management in energy conversion processes

Mohamed AMARA Equipe Photovoltaïque

Site ECL - salle de réunion 2ème étage
Site INSA - salle de réunion 6ème étage

Des sandwich sont offerts aux participants mais pour cela une inscription préalable avant le lundi 26 mars est impérative

- Inscription sur le site ECL 
- Inscription sur le site INSA 

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